Hamas blamed for Gaza hospital attack as detailed forensics show cause of blast

CCTV shows rockets landing on a Gaza hospital

Hamas is being blamed for the devastating Gaza hospital attack that killed hundreds of innocent people as forensics suggests a terrorist rocket hit patients.

On Tuesday evening, a terrifying blast ripped through the packed Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, escalating already explosive tensions in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The two opposing sides have blamed each other for the shock attack, but both sides have denied any involvement.

CNN has conducted an investigation into the blast, reviewing dozens of videos posted on social media, aired on live broadcasts and filmed by a freelance journalist working the network in Gaza, as well as satellite imagery, in an attempt to piece together what might have happened.

The analysis suggests a rocket launched from within Gaza broke up in mid-air, and the hospital blast was the consequence of part of the rocket landing on the building.

Weapons and explosive experts with decades of experience assessing bomb damage, who reviewed the visual evidence, also told the news network they believe this to be the most probable scenario.

They also agreed the limited yet available evidence of damage from the site was not consistent with an air strike by Israeli forces.

CNN said a camera from Al Jazeera located in western Gaza and facing east had been broadcasting live on the channel shortly before 7pm local time, according to the timestamp.

This footage appears to show a rocket fired from Gaza traveling in an upwards trajectory before reversing direction and exploding. Seconds later, two blasts are seen on the ground, including one at the hospital.

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The news network said that by verifying the position of the camera, it was able to determine that the rocket was fired from an area south of Gaza City.

CNN also said two weapons experts reviewing the footage said the sound in the video was not consistent with that of a high-grade military explosive, such as a bomb or shell.

Israel said a “misfired” rocket by Islamic Jihad militants – a rival group to Hamas – was the cause of the blast, a theory President Joe Biden said was backed up by US intelligence.

A National Security Council spokesperson also said analysis of overhead imagery, intercepts, and open-source information suggested Israel was “not responsible.”

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