Ex-fraudster lotto winner who bought pet alligator now wants crime TV role

An ex-fraudster who bagged himself a lottery win last year has aired his desire to appear on a crime TV show.

Kursat "Chico" Yildirim, 42, has started dating German police inspector Candice N., 36, who he had a chance encounter with when speeding earlier this year. The duo appear fond of one another, and Kursat hopes to learn from his girlfriend's brush-ins with the law.

He appears intent on using her experiences to form the base of an acting career as he wishes "with all my heart" for a shot in a fictionalised crime series. The 42-year-old hopes to channel his former "drug addict" ways with a stint on screen.

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The former crane driver, who splashed out on flash cars and luxury apartments, still feels he can tap into his former life and bring it to television. His desire to act comes as it was revealed he blew a large chunk of his winnings.

Former crane driver Chico explained: "I wish with all my heart that I could one day play in a Dortmund crime scene. I grew up in the northern part of the city, was a drug addict, at the very bottom. I often had to act and fool people."

Hardworking parents and an Instagram following crawling ever-closer to a million, Kursat hopes to use his newfound popularity as best he can. He added: "Believe me, I'm so popular now. Everyone wants a photo with me. When I'm on TV, everyone tunes in."

He has since started dating a police officer from Dortmund, known only as Candice N. He said she would be the perfect fit for his potential turn as a thespian, with the right experiences from life tackling crime there for the taking.

Chico has since splashed plenty of cash on a pet alligator, a Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet which set him back ยฃ178,000 as well as plenty of luxury store hauls. His trips to Rolex, Prada, Gucci and Versace were noted by the Daily Star.

He also met his current girlfriend when he was caught speeding. Candace had pulled Kursat over for driving too fast, but the pair hit it off and soon found themselves dating.

The former lag recalled: "I fell in love with Candice right away, the red hair, the freckles, her amazing body – I can't get enough of her. She has a big heart, radiates so much humanity. She is self-confident and has both feet firmly on the ground. I can rely on them 100 percent."

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