Cost of all-dayer soars by £73 in last decade as punters too skint for strippers

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    The cost-of-living crisis has taken a firm foothold in the UK, and despite inflation slowing down to 6.8% in July, everything is still far more expensive than ever before.

    And with that in mind, the Daily Star has worked out that the cost of going on an all day bender costs an eye-watering amount more than it did just 10 years ago.

    According to experts – also known as people from the Daily Star office – an all day booze-filled bender consists of a huge breakfast from somewhere like Wetherspoons, around 10-12 pints throughout the day, a burger for lunch and some kind of “scran” or curry and chips for dinner.

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    Then . . . depending on who you are, what mood you're in and whether or not you have food left, a trip to the strip club for an evening tipple.

    So, we've broken down the cost of an all-dayer – or a Leo Sayer, if you speak Cockney – for you to see just how much more this is going to cost you than it would have done in 2013 by using figures mainly from the Office for National Statistics, and other sources.

    As has been reported recently, the price of Wetherspoons' food has risen dramatically in the last year or so, and another price rise was implemented just this month.

    But if you fancied starting your day off there, a large breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, hash browns, mushroom, tomato and slices of toast would have cost £4.50, according to a menu from the William Dampier pub in Yeovil from 2013.

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    However, today's menu shows that the same large breakfast – now consisting of two fried eggs, bacon, two sausages, baked beans, three hash browns, mushrooms and two slices of toast – will set you back £6.40.

    That is a whopping 29.6% rise in costs, and actually comes with less variety of food options than it did before.

    Fancy a cup of tea with that?

    Well, for a cup of Tetley tea in 2013 you would have paid £1.15, 35p less than the £1.50 it would cost you today – although you do get free refills now – an eye-watering 30% increase.

    The price of a pint has gone up and up . . . and up a lot since 2013.

    In fact, according to ONS stats, it has gone up every month since February 1987.

    In July 2013, a pint costs on average £3.30, but it now costs a whopping £4.58 per pint.

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    That will set you back an extra 38% more than it would have done 10 years ago per pint.

    So, if you go on an all day bender and have around 10 pints, what would have cost you £33 10 years ago, it will now cost you £45.80.

    If you're feeling a bit peckish after a few pints and you've digested your giant and more expensive breakfast, you might want a packet of beer nuts (a fresh pack . . . not the dodgy ones you still sometimes find on the top of a bar).

    According to The Grocer, in 2013 a pack of beer nuts cost 52p for 200g, which is a fraction of the price you would have to pay now.

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    According to several retailers, a pack of 200g HP nuts will set you back a whopping £3.

    Brace yourself, because that works out at a huge 476.92% increase in price.

    You've had your breakfast, your beer and your snacks, now it's time for a burger.

    Back to Wetherspoon you go, where the Ultimate Burger and a drink will now set you back £11.11, rather than the £10.59 it previously cost.

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    If you fancy something cheaper, a large Big Mac Meal from McDonald's cost £5.99 today, compared to just £4.89 10 years ago.

    Just the 22% increase to cope with there.

    It's now around 10pm, you're sick of pub food, sick of alcohol – or sick from alcohol – and you want to eat something substantial.

    You spot a local chippy in the distance, and like a mirage in the desert you toddle over, stumbling over at least five times before you get through the door.

    Chips with curry sauce? Yes please.

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    Today's average price for that costs you £5, whereas 10 years ago you would have drunkenly shelled out around £2.50 on average for the same “meal”.

    That's a 100% price increase to end your drunken night.

    Or is it the end . . .

    For some, a strip club is the way to end a day out on the lash.

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    Finding old strip club prices in the public domain is not the easiest task, but a post on the Student Room forum website goes into great detail about what a trip to a strip club cost around 13 years ago.

    The poster, known as "Tibsy", wrote: "The strip club will have an entrance fee of maybe £5, but sometimes free.

    "It will usually have the girl coming round the punters with a pint pot, everyone puts in 50p or usually £1 (depending on the place) and then the girl goes on stage and does a dance.

    "The dance will usually be fully naked with a lot of touching etc . . . usually cost £10 to £20."

    And a strip club source confirmed to the Daily Star that current prices aren't actually too different.

    They said: "The average pint costs £4.60 and single spirits £5-6 and double spirits £8-9

    "Average man spends around £80, on entry (£10), a couple of dances (£40) and a few drinks."

    The entrance fee appears to have gone up by 100%, but other than that the source claims that everything else is pretty similar.

    To summerise, an all day bender in 2013 would have cost you around £71.56 if you went for the McDonald's option, while a 2023 bender will now set you back around £147.69 – a whopping 106.3% increase overall.

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