Construction News: Proprietary intelligent Machine Control 2.0 system by Komatsu for excavators

The press release early this year indicated that the new system which is one of the latest developments by Komatsu will be featured in three models from Komatsu’s PC###LCi-11 machines (290, 360 and 390 models). The system has been designed to specifically enhance productivity for construction projects based on the simple fact that productivity is indeed a critical success factor for construction teams. Construction crews that are able to achieve maximum productivity provide a competitive advantage to these companies which have been the driving factor behind Komatsu’s Smart Construction Products.

The iMC 2.0 (intelligent Machine Control 2.0) provides construction crews the ability to fully and completely use technologies that were developed with the sole purpose of enhancing productivity via automation. The idea or concept rather according to a senior spokesperson within the R & D faculty of Komatsu is objectively targeted towards the reduction of ‘skill gap’ between experienced and new excavator operators. This system will undoubtedly enhance the bottom line for contractors from all perspectives as iMC 2.0 excavators will render construction projects to become efficient and highly productive stated the senior product manager for tracked products Andrew Earing.

The system which was developed over the years within the Komatsu’s intelligent machine control component for mid-sized and larger excavators has been installed in our latest three models PC290LCi-11, PC360LCi-11 and the PC390LCi-11. These machines have been selected as they are the preferred excavator category for complex slope work, trenching and other assorted construction tasks. They have been updated with other factory integrated systems that play a major role towards minimising issues with over-excavation and in essence allow operators to arrive at grade rapidly and accurately.

Among the more prominent features include the Auto Tilt Bucket Control, the ability to accomplish finish grading with just arm input, and auto stabilisers. These features mean that the operators will be able to align the buckets parallel to the slopes that they are working on which in turn means that finish grading is done without having to align the excavator to the intended surface are.

Komatsu has been at the forefront of innovative technologies and equipment design and the company is acknowledged as a market leader for a wide variety of heavy industry machines which serve the mining, construction, logistics (forklift), and forestry markets. The company has over a century established itself as a leading pioneering force that creates value for clients every step of the way via manufacturing and technology innovation.

The company frequently partners with other industry leaders in order to provide the best for the industry players. Komatsu automations go far beyond only heavy machines as they are also applied for factory automation systems due to their expertise in robotics. All products and designs by Komatsu is guaranteed to meet international quality standards and the company’s products are also known for being green.

Their latest innovation is already popular with fleet operators and excavator hire services choosing electric excavators that are making headway within the spectrum of ‘zero emission’ machines.