Cat owner re-watches pet camera and is left howling at felines routine

A pet owner was left in stitches when they found out their cat's hilarious behaviour at home – thanks to a smart pet camera.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera helps all home alone furry animals to minimise separation anxiety when the owner is out and about.

Equipped with a 360° camera, they won't miss a moment of what the pet's doing at home.

In one post shared on Furbo's Instagram, the security device caught a cat on a "mischievous mission".

As soon as its four-legged companion sat down in a dog bed, the feline hopped on a disc-shaped robot vacuum cleaner and rode the machine like a king in the house.

The grey moggie managed to manoeuvre the machine towards the dog, the black canine to give up the bed for a brief moment.

And the vacuum turned, taking the cat to the other side of the room near a bar table.

While the machine was working to pick up the dirt on the floor, the cat kept its cool and enjoyed the ride as wherever the vaccum cleaner went.

Viewers were left howling by the feline's stunt and one said: "Oh my God, that's hilarious!"

"I'm dead haha," another wrote.

The Furbo camera has a function where the owner can toss a treat to their pet via an app.

The "Treat Toss" feature can be used as a reward, or a distraction for symptons of separation anxiety like pacing, barking or licking.

It can also send alerts to the owners including "chewing alert", "home emergency alert" and even an adorable "selfie alert".

The £199 pet camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa for an easy voice control.

Shoppers have been raving about the small but mighty product.

One dog lover said: "We're always a bit worried when our one-year-old dog is out of our sight and wonder what he's doing, whether he's bored, or having weird behaviors; but this gives me a peace of mind."

"I am really pleased with the quality of the camera both day and night vision and the panning capability. Another feature which is really useful if being able to use the microphone button to talk to my dog," another added.

If you are looking for a simple camera, Ring camera has an indoor camera that you can mount on a wall.

Argos is selling a 1080p Wi-Fi security camera that can be used as a pet camera for £24.99.

See more than ever before with the all-new Furbo 360° Dog Camera. Hear and speak with your dog, and toss treats on the go! Know what’s happening with real-time Barking Alerts


Swivel the Privacy Cover to cover the camera and turn off the microphone so you stay in control of what Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) sees, hears and records

Simple to install, place it on a flat surface or mount it to a wall with the versatile mounting bracket


TP-Link Tapo C100 Smart Security Spot Indoor Camera is designed to deliver clear 1080p video the moment you start streaming, keeping you connected to your home anywhere you go

Option for Safe Storage via the microSD card slot to allow you to save your recordings locally, instead of paying for external storage space fees


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