British Army to transform soldiers into Terminator hybrids with super powers

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    British Army chiefs plan to create 'bionic' soldiers' with Terminator-style superpowers.

    State-of-the-art gadgets – either implanted or worn externally – will allow troops to 'see through walls', communicate 'telepathically' or detect airborne chemicals with no smell or taste.

    By 2030 soldiers will be wearing 'exoskeletons' to protect them from bullets and boost their strength and speed.

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    One invasive procedure involves coating soldiers' retinas with nanoparticles enabling them to see the infrared spectrum and giving them X-ray type vision – similar to that of The Terminator in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie series.

    The ground-breaking projects – run in collaboration with Germany's defence ministry – come as the UK battles to stay ahead of China in military tech development.

    A Ministry Of Defence strategy document said it is turning to AI, robotics, human augmentation and chemical enhancement to create a new breed of soldiers.

    But former colonel Hamish De Bretton-Gordon warned against too much experimentation.

    He said: "We want to embrace technology as much as we can.

    "But I am not sure we understand the unintended consequences of synthetic biology.''

    The developments come as the latest Royal Marines exercise has seen them protecting a truck carrying precious oil supplies, envoking images of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style world.

    The Royal Marines said in a statement that the exercise is designed to test soldiers' ability to support helicopters in the field during battle.

    A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "For five days the relatively quiet airfield at Merryfield in Somerset was dominated by the rattle of gunfire, the clatter and rumble of heavy vehicles, and the smell of burned aviation fuel as personnel in a small, highly-specialised unit demonstrated their collective abilities."

    Captain Alan Hunter RM said: "The Forward Refuelling Point capability is constantly evolving to current and novel threats, through innovative solutions and deep knowledge of the tactical employment of the kit and equipment we use."

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