Britain to be battered by 10 days of torrential downpours and fierce winds

Britain is set to be battered by 10 days of torrential downpours and fierce winds later this month.

Parts of the UK will see 5mm of rain per hour and wind speeds of up to 46mph.

Weather maps show that northeast England and Wales will be the hardest hit by the damp conditions as the weather rolls in.

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The wind is forecast to reach its highest as it races through the English channel, with weather maps indicating it could reach speeds of up to 46.8mph.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon told the Daily Mirror: “Anyone hoping to see warmer weather in the UK might be disappointed.

“The European heat isn’t expected to have any direct impact on the UK in the current forecast period.

“The focus of the European heat will gradually shift further southeast over the next week and isn’t going to impact the UK.”

The Met Office said the wet weather pummelling the UK was due to the position of the jet stream.

The forecaster said this means there “is more of an Atlantic influence on our weather with a succession of low-pressure systems meaning the weather feels largely unsettled for many, with some longer periods of rain and wind at times”.

Meanwhile parts of southern Europe are continuing to suffer through intense heatwaves that have seen temperatures reach nearly 50C.

Mr Dixon said: "The southern shift of the jet stream is helping to develop high pressure across southern Europe and northern Africa and are bringing some extremely high temperatures for the region, well beyond their usual averages.”

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