Brit woman who drugged husbands curry to run off with lover will be hanged

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    A British mum is set to be hanged after she murdered her husband while on holiday in India.

    Ramandeep Kaur Mann, from Derby, spiked her husband Sukhjit Singh’s biryani with sleeping pills. The 38-year-old then slit his throat. The horrific crime was part of a gruesome plot to run away with her secret lover after claiming his £2million life insurance policy.

    Mann struck during a family holiday at Sukhjit's mum's house in India back in September 2016 but only now have Mann and accomplice Gurpreet Singh, been found guilty of murder.

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    Mann now faces the death penalty, which Sukhjit's mum described as her prayer being answered. Gurpreet was hit with life imprisonment and a fine.

    During the trial, it emerged during proceedings that the two were secretly lovers, as she cheated behind her husband's back. Tragically, Mann’s eldest son Arjun played a crucial role in the convictions.

    The court heard that the drugged curry was eaten by Mr Singh and their six-year-old son Aryan. Arjun didn't eat the food. Once the dad was asleep, Mann let her lover Gurpreet into the house.

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    Arjun was woken up by the sound of his father struggling and watches as his mother smothered his father with a pillow. He also recalls the moment Gurpreet struck him with a hammer and then Mann slit his throat, as reported by MailOnline.

    In 2005, Mr Singh married Mann after meeting her in Slough. They reportedly moved to South London and then to Derby. However, behind his best friend's back, Gurpreet began an affair with Mann during that holiday.

    Ashok Khanna, the lawyer for Mr Singh's family, told the Mail: "This disgusting crime was being plotted by Mann while she was in the UK and Gurpreet in Dubai. Gurpreet was like her husband's brother, they were very close.

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    “His family still can't believe that he betrayed them like this. Mann has not shown any remorse and has been very arrogant from the moment she was arrested. She deserves this punishment because this is a woman who drugged her own husband and children so that she could kill him.

    “Who does that kind of thing? But it wasn't just wanting to be with Gurpreet that motivated her. She also stood to make a lot of money from his death."

    Both Ramandeep and Gurpreet were found guilty by the court of murder and the offence of criminal acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. Gurpreet was arrested at Delhi airport, while Mann was arrested at her mother-in-law's house after police found the bloody knife used in the murder hidden in nearby bushes.

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