Brit girl raped by Italian boy, 16, on Greek island with fears hes fled

A British girl, 15, has allegedly been raped on a Greek Island.

Reports claim the child was attacked by a 16-year-old Italian boy early on Wednesday (August 23) between 4.30am and 5am in the Pondamos area of Halki in Greece.

The suspect is now on the run, with police understood to be locked in a desperate bid to find him.

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Some reports claim that he may have returned home.

The girl and her mother, 55, are understood to have reported to a hospital, where medical professionals called the police who, according toDimokratiki , also inspected the girl with the assistance of doctors.

The suspect is reported to have been identified using a combination of both witness statements and social media.

The girl is understood to have recognised the boy police are looking for when officers showed her a photograph of him, according to local media.

It is understood that on August 23, the 16-year-old left the island via ferry to Kamiros Skala at around 8:30am the same morning and from here travelled to Italy from Rhodes Airport.

A preliminary investigation is being carried out by AS Halkis, and the local prosecutor's office has been informed while the first stages of a preliminary investigation are carried out.

This isnโ€™t the first incident of Brits claiming to have been sexually attacked while on holiday in Europe this summer.

Earlier this month, a 19-year-old British woman accused an unknown man of raping her while she was on holiday Greek island of Ios on August 16th on the beach in the Mylopotas area.

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