Baby who was sucked out of house by killer tornado found alive in tree

A baby has miraculously survived a deadly tornado that "sucked" the infant out of his home.

Four-month-old Lord was asleep in his bassinet with his family in Clarkesville, Tennessee, when then the killer twister hit his trailer and picked up the infant.

Lord's mum, 22-year-old Sydney Moore, flung herself over her other son, one-year-old Princeton, as 150-mile-an-hour winds ripped the trailer from its foundations, repeatedly picking it up and then slamming it back down. Her fiancée, Aramis Youngblood, attempted to rescue Lord before being catapulted out of the home himself.

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Speaking to Fox 17, the mother of two said: "He tried to grab him, but he couldn’t and the tip of the tornado sucked them both up.

"He was just holding on to the bassinet the whole time, and they went into circles."

The tornado killed at least six people, destroyed more than 100 homes and damaged thousands of buildings when it ripped through parts of Southern America.

Once the couple were able to escape their home, they began their desperate search for their son with little hope of finding him alive. However they discovered him lying in a tree, in the rain, like "somebody placed him" there.

“He found him laying in a tree, like somebody placed him in this tree. All he had was a gash on the side of his face. It had to have been God,” she said.

Sydney added: "I thought he was dead. I was pretty sure he was dead and we weren't going to find him. But he's here, and that's by the grace of God."

Sydney's sister Caitlyn said that it looked like Lord had been placed gently on the tree, "like an angel" and "guided him safely to that spot".

Lord was left with a gash on the side of his face, and had to get his ear glued up. His dad Aramis suffered a broken collarbone and arm.

The tornado also obliterated the family's home and possessions, leaving them homeless. They lost one of their cats in the storm, who remains missing. Their other cat had to be cut out of the trailer's wreckage. Sydney also lost her car – the young mum's first big purchase.

A GoFundMe page has so far raised $42,000 for the family.

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