Andrew Tate on horror prison stay โ€“ tears ran down my face but I didnt cry

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has revealed what life was like inside Romania's cockroach-infested prisons, claiming: "There were tears that ran down my face, but I did not cry."

British-American Tate, 36, was arrested and detained in December last year. He, his brother Tristan and two associates face charges related to alleged human trafficking.

He was moved to house arrest back in March before Romanian authorities released him in August. A trial is yet to take place, and the brothers have always insisted they are innocent.

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Piers Morgan recently interviewed Tate for Talk TV. It aired this evening (Monday, November 20). Tate described Romanian prison as "exactly as bad as people would expect it to be" although the "cockroaches were not too bad" given that he was locked up in winter.

He claimed: "It is very stressful and the best thing you can do is turn to God and train as hard as possible. I did thousands of push ups a day, every single day.

"I wasn't allowed out, there was no yard time. It was 24 hours a day locked in a single room, probably three or four steps large, and you do nothing but stare at the wall and you think… Life is grim."

In one bizarre moment, tough man Tate admitted he had tears running down his face but insisted he didn't cry. "There were tears that ran down my face, but I did not cry." A baffled Morgan said: "I mean, that's crying." Tate replied: "I would disagree."

Morgan suggested Tate did not want to admit he cried because he thought it would make him "sound weak". Tate said: "Absolutely not, that is a perfectly fine scenario to cry in, but I think the act of crying is an act of desperation, to sit and to cry is an act in and of itself. To do push ups thinking of your children with tears running down your face, but you are concerned with finishing as many push ups as possible within that day, I do not consider that crying, I consider that tears running down my face."

Tate went on to claim that police and prison staff were "extremely apologetic" towards him. "Everybody was very sorry for what happened to me… They were kind of like: 'Listen, you got too big, I am sorry, this is how things work, and sorry, here is your meal.โ€™ Nobody had any real problem with me.โ€

He admitted there were "a couple scenarios where violence could have occurred" but claimed he never felt threatened. Tate said: "They would have liked to have got the opportunity to threaten me… And they realised that would have been a bad decision."

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