Zac Goldsmith admits he could support Labour at next election after Tory row

Zac Goldsmith is ‘very tempted’ to support Labour at next election

Lord Goldsmith has admitted he could support Labour at the next general election.

The Tory peer, a close Boris Johnson ally, said he would be “very tempted” to back Sir Keir Starmer’s party if it adapts its green policies to put more focus on nature.

The former minister told the BBC’s HARDtalk: “My concern about the Labour Party at the moment – I don’t say this is a tribal politician because I’m not a tribal politician – is I think there is a blind spot on the natural environment.

“When the Labour Party thinks environment, when it talks about the environment, it is thinking carbon and taxation, regulation and all the things that go with that.

“The simple truth is there is no pathway to net zero and there’s no solution to climate change that does not involve nature, massive efforts to protect and restore the natural world.

“And at the moment, I’m not hearing any of that from the Labour Party.

“If I do, if there’s a real commitment, now the kind of commitment, frankly, that we saw when Boris Johnson was the leader, then I’d be very tempted to throw my weight behind that party and support them in any way I could.

“Incidentally I would support them anyway in their efforts on these issues because it’s the only thing that matters.”

It comes after Lord Goldsmith quit Mr Sunak’s government in June.


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