Starmers jaunt to an international wokery convention shows his priorities

Penny Mordaunt Takes Down Labour And Says Starmer Has ‘No Balls’

Labour’s huge 20-point poll lead over the Conservatives has been built on Sir Keir Starmer trying to avoid telling us what his party really would do in government.

This is no accident, he has been handed the Tony Blair playbook by the master of the dark arts – Lord Mandelson – who has been advising him on how to get Labour back into government.

But, finally the truth is emerging and we are beginning to get a taste of the full horror of what a Labour government would mean.

The latest planned jaunt to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s international gathering of centre-left leaders is the latest example.

As the old proverb says: “A man is judged by the company he keeps.”

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As one Tory MP quipped: “Not so much a summit, more an international convention of wokery.”

The meeting is being organised by the Canadian Prime Minister, whose own poll ratings are dropping faster than a snow blizzard, and anothrt guest of honour is former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who quit when it became clear her woke policies would see her defeated at the next election.

Trudeau and Arden were responsible for the harshest lockdowns during the pandemic but have made a career out of virtue signalling their way to the top.

Arden’s refusal to cooperate on taking tough action against China was a real worry but it was her plans for New Zealand to be 50/50 run by Maori’s and people of European ancestory (even though Maoris represent just 16 percent) which had a lot of people worried.

After she quit business confidence was at a 50-year low because of the way her policies had undermined the economy.

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Meanwhile, Trudeau’s brand of so-called progressive politics includes legalising possession of up to 2.5 grams of class A drugs.

He has also opened the doors to immigration and has pushed ahead with a more extreme form of transgenderism (which helped inspire Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland).

This is just a flavour of what these two leaders brought to their countries in terms of wokery, but it had real impacts.

What we know is that Starmer has already indicated that something similar may happen in Britain.

Remember him taking the knee with Angela Rayner for the now discredited Black Lives Matter movement?

There is a push on the left to to “decriminalise” possession of drugs.

It was Labour who were pushing for an economy crippling zero covid policy which would have kept us locked up for months after Boris Johnson ended lockdown.

Only recently did Starmer confirm that a biological woman is what a woman is.

And the cat was really let out of the bag just a fortnight ago in an interview with Emily Maitlis on her News Agents podcast.

Given a choice bbetween Westminster and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos to make decisions he said “Davos”.

Mayn readers, may not appreciate the full implications of this but as young politicians Trudeau and Arden were among those trained by WEF.

Run by the world’s rich it has promoted a leftwing woke agenda, opposed things like Brexit and become perceived by many as a threat to democracy.

The idea that unaccountable billionaires and the great and the good like Sir Tony Blair should be the first point of call for policy over an elected Parliament is terrifying.

But we are beginning to see the reslts of this emerge in Labour policies.

Look at the “small boats” announcement this week – hand power to the EU to decide on how many illegal immigrants Britain should take, take at least 100,000 extra illegal immigrants and open up Britain’s borders while beginning to reverse Brexit.

The Starmer agenda is clear and it is coming from people who voters in Britain can never hope to influence.

His jaunt to Canada to meet other members of the club is an indication of what Starmer’s Premiership will be like.

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