Staff at bank which refused Jeremy Hunt branded Tories evil in leaked messages

Nigel Farage talking to Camilla Tominey about bank account closures

Staff at the bank which refused Jeremy Hunt an account branded the Conservatives “evil” and celebrated Tory election losses.

Employees at Monzo also said senior Conservative MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg “could do the human race a favour” by leaving politics and called Harry Potter author JK Rowling “vile”.

The comments, first reported by The Telegraph, were made on Slack workplace forums.

Monzo insisted it is politically neutral and that the remarks do not represent its views.

In a message in October 2022, one staff member wrote: “Maybe JRM could do the human race a favour and stay out of politics forever. Doubt you could replace him with anyone who is more of an archetypal Tory.”

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The same employee described the Tories as “evil” and “ugly” the following day.

Staff also celebrated the Conservatives’ drubbing in May’s local elections.

In response to a meme, one said: “What’s great about this gif is that the Tories have lost Maidenhead.”

Another added: “Tory losses in the local elections – we love to see ittttt.”

A third staff member wrote: “I’m just gutted that my own local council didn’t have an election.”

Meanwhile, an employee said in April 2022 that “the Tories are evidently swaying towards arguments put forward by terfs”.

Terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist and is used as an insult to gender-critical people who believe you cannot change sex.

In August 2022, a member of staff said “JK Rowling is a terf so grim”, while another employee labelled her “vile”.

The messages revealed by a whistleblower come amid a de-banking scandal after Nigel Farage went public about Coutts shutting his account.

He later obtained documents showing he was cut off in part because his views did not align with the values of the prestigious private bank, which is owned by NatWest.

Amid the row, Mr Hunt last month revealed that he had his application for an account with Monzo rejected before he was appointed Chancellor.

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Banks are facing the prospect of widespread reforms to account closures following Mr Farage’s crusade.

The former Ukip and Brexit Party leader said he was not surprised about the messages by staff at Monzo.

He said: “I’m afraid I’m not in the least bit surprised about this. Corporate Britain has suffered a complete takeover.”

A spokeswoman for Monzo said: “Our ambition is to make money work for everyone, which means that we’re politically neutral and personal views play no part in our policies or decision making, including eligibility for a Monzo account.

“Any suggestion otherwise is categorically untrue.

“These cherry-picked comments are personal views of a handful of employees in informal conversations and it is wrong to portray them as the views of Monzo or our thousands of other employees.”

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