12 months on, Labour has no update on investigation into senior MP Nick Brown

Labour has said it has no update to issue on the high-profile investigation into its senior MP and former chief whip Nick Brown.

The confirmation of no new information comes on the one-year anniversary of Mr Brown losing the Labour Party whip over a complaint.

This time last year, the senior Newcastle MP – who was chief whip for every Labour leader from Tony Blair onwards – was suspended as a Labour MP pending investigation.

The serious complaint was lodged against Mr Brown under the party’s new independent complaints process.

The Guardian, which first reported the story, said the nature of the complaint is unknown.

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At the time he was said to be “cooperating fully” with the investigation.

In a statement, the senior MP said: “There has been a complaint made about me to the Labour party, which is under investigation.

“I am therefore under an administrative suspension from the Labour Party until the investigation is concluded. I’m not aware of what the complaint is.

“I am co-operating fully with the investigation.”

The fact a full year has now passed with no update is raising questions about the length of Labour’s investigation process.

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Commenting on the anniversary, LBC presenter Iain Dale said: “Whatever the allegations are, does it really take a year top investigate?”

“Tomorrow might be a good day for an update.”

Labour’s lengthy investigations have also come under scrutiny over Diane Abbott, who was similarly suspended by the party in April pending investigation.

The party has thus far issued no update on Ms Abbott’s suspension.

The Labour Party’s spokesperson was asked after a previous PMQs whether Sir Keir Starmer was comfortable with Nick Brown coming onto the parliamentary state while under investigation.

The spokesperson said: “I’d have to check on that and come back to you. I don’t know what the details are on that I’m afraid”.

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