Zelenskys successor unmasked after President escaped three assassination attempts

Ukraine: President Zelensky’s powerful address from Kyiv

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Mr Zelensky will address the UK’s MPs today at 5pm, with the speech shown on screens being installed in the House of Commons. The Speaker of the Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said he was pleased to grant Mr Zelensky’s “historic” request, insisting that “every parliamentarian wants to hear directly from the President, who will be speaking to us live from Ukraine.” Mr Zelensky has become the figurehead of his county’s fight against Russia since President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine last month.

While garnering admiration from Ukrainians and the West for his resilience and leadership in the face of a brutal invasion, Mr Zelensky has reportedly survived three assasination attempts in a matter of days.

According to a Times report, the attempts on his life were thwarted after disaffected Russian agents gave intelligence to Ukraine about Kremlin-backed mercenary attacks. 

Mr Zelensky had previously warned of “enemy sabotage groups” in Kyiv, and said that he was their “number one target”, followed by his family. 

Naturally, the Ukrainian Government has prepared contingency measures in the event of Mr Zelensky’s untimely death.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed the Ukrainian authorities had “plans in place” to deal with the possibility of the President’s death, though declined to elaborate further.  

Speaking to CBS Mr Blinken said: “The Ukranians have plans in place, that I’m not going to talk about or get into any details on, to make sure that there is what we would call continuity of Government one way or another. And let me leave it at that.”

While details of how Ukraine’s Government would function if Mr Zelensky did suddenly die, his replacement would be Ruslan Stefanchuk, according to the country’s constitution.

Mr Stefanchuk is the speaker and chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which is the Ukrainian parliament.

He was elected as chairman on October 8, 2021 after 261 votes were cast in his favour. 

Before Mr Stefanchuk became chairman, he had worked as an advisor to Mr Zelesnky, while he had also served as the President’s representative in Parliament. 

Outside of politics, he has worked as a law professor and been a member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. 

Mr Stefanchuk and Mr Zelensky are friends, who have known each other since university.

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The pair have both began sporting military uniform while like his President, Mr Stefanchuk gives regular updates from the conflict on social media, while sending pleas to the global community to take action. 

Mr Stefanchuk and Mr Zelensky are also closely aligned politically. 

The Rada speaker, who was pictured alongside Mr Zelensky after the President signed Ukraine’s application to the EU, believes in the sovereignty of Ukraine and the values of NATO and the West. 

He is closely aligned with Mr Zelensky with regards to the conflict too, having called for a no-fly zone to be implemented over Ukraine, just like his President.

Mr Stefanchuk said the measure would “minimise the casualties among the civilian population, save the lives of innocent Ukrainian children and women and save the world from a new nuclear catastrophe.” 

He also called upon the corporate world to sanction Russia, and asked for Visa and Mastercard to block all payments made from debit card issues in Russia or by Russian banks.

The following day, Visa and Mastercard announced they were suspending operations in Russia in response to the Ukrainian invasion, which Mr Stefanchuk described as “just the beginning.”

On Monday, as the war in Ukraine rages on, Mr Zelensky promised to punish anyone who commits atrocities against the people of Ukraine. 

The President said: “There will be no quiet place on Earth for you, except for the grave.” 

That evening, US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to maintain diplomatic and economic pressure on Russia. 

A Number 10 spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister stressed that our goal must be ensuring Putin’s failure in this act of aggression against Ukraine.”

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