Youtube sued over sick animal abuse videos including python strangling puppy

Youtube has come under fire for horrific animal abuse videos which remained undeleted from the site.

The clips referenced in a lawsuit against the media giant include one of a giant python wrapping its thick body around a puppy's neck to crush it.

Viewers can hear the helpless young dog let out a panicked squeal before its death.

Another is of a trembling baby monkey, clearly terrified as it screeches while being poked, prodded and pinched inside a basket.

Both a snake and monkey feature in a third video as someone has cruelly tied a primate to the ground and set a giant snake upon it.

According to The New York Times, each of those videos as well as dozens more were still available to watch on YouTube.

Shockingly some of the uploads had become so popular, that those responsible for sharing them were cashing in from adverts for the likes of pet food and holiday homes.

Consequently sickos have been allowed to profit from animals abuse – something a charity has taken to court.

Animal rights organisation, Lady Freethinker filed a lawsuit at California Superior Court in Santa Clara on Monday, accusing YouTube of breach of contract.

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The suit claims that the Google-owned platform failed to live up to its agreement with users by allowing animal abuse videos on the site and not removing them when alerted.

Lady Freethinker says it repeatedly flagged animal abuse videos on Youtube but nothing was done about it despite community guidelines stating animal abuse content is not permitted.

The nonprofit group said: "YouTube is aware of these videos and its role in distributing them, as well as its continuing support of their creation, production and circulation.

"It is unfortunate that YouTube has chosen to put profits over principles of ethical and humane treatment of innocent animals."

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YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi said the company expanded its policy on animal abuse videos this year and has since removed hundreds of thousands of videos. Thousands of channels responsible were also terminated.

Ms Choi said: "We agree that content depicting violence or abuse toward animals has no place on YouTube."

Nina Jackel who founded Lady Freethinker explained the decision to take the issue to court.

She said: "We’ve tried to have a meaningful conversation with them multiple times, and been shut down. We’re knocking on the door, and nobody is answering. So this lawsuit is kind of a last straw."

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