WWE star Alexa Bliss fights back as Instagram user threatens to shoot her

WWE star Alexa Bliss has hit back at an Instagram user who allegedly threatened to shoot her and her husband.

Bliss was barraged by a series of offensive comments from the now banned Instagram user – but responded, accusing the user of threatening to kill her in an explosive exchange.

One particularly sinister message read: "What you going to do put an restraining order on me, that’s not going to work cause you can’t do that sweetheart nice try tho."

The onslaught continued with the seemingly angered wrestling fan writing: "I’m still going to talk to your ex matt [WWE star Buddy Murply, real name Matthew Adams] you can’t stop me to talk to him hell he has a better woman than you and you can’t stop that”.

Continuing get more aggressive, the fan went on to claim he had took all of his daughter's "Bliss stuff including that dumb ass doll" and "burned everything of your merchandise".

The WWE star then hit back at the fan in the comments, claiming she had seen a screenshot of the user threatening to shoot her and her husband.

"I do have something to say," she wrote.

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"I saw the DM you sent to people saying you were going to shoot me and my husband yourself. Those screen shots have been turned in.”

The star has been embroiled in a number of controversies with fans on social media.

In 2020, Alexa had to briefly lock her Twitter account due to an onslaught of fans harassing her and two years later was forced to deal with a Twitter stalker named "Albert Little 666" who was sending threatening tweets to her fiancé Ryan Cabera.

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Alex Bliss and Ryan Cabrera recently tied the knot in a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony.

The 30-year-old wrestling star and the rock singer, 39, got married during a special celebration held in Palm Desert on Saturday(April 9).

Two weeks before the special day, the now newlyweds revealed that the theme for their wedding was "very non-traditional" and "rockstar" themed.

The former frontman of Dallas band, Rubix Groove, told People: "It's very us. The whole thing's meant to bring out our personalities and we are far from just normal."

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Music stars NYSNC, Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick and Encanto star Stephanie Beatriz all performed at the wedding.

The couple – who got engaged in November 2020 – found their venue during a "glamping" trip, calling it the "perfect" location.

The Groom wore a pink tux with a flamboyant flamingo lapel pin, while Alex wore a lacy, romantic off-the-shoulder gown with a corset bodice.

Going without a veil, she instead opted for a Swarovski headpiece.

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