WW3 fears as China Coast Guard to be allowed to use GUNS in clashes with US and Japan

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The op-ed, originally published by the Alpha Military Review, was written in response to a suggestion by senior US military analysts that Congress should authorise civilian ships to be fitted with guns as a way of countering the increasingly powerful Chinese navy. The state-endorsed article warned: “We might have to use guns when dealing with robbers, as that is the language that robbers understand.

If the US and Japan do not engage in trouble in the waters under China’s jurisdiction, why should they worry?

Alpha Military Review

“The CCG is the right person to deal with such robbers.

“The newly announced draft coast guard bill grants the Chinese Coast Guard the right to use force.

“If the US and Japan do not engage in trouble in the waters under China’s jurisdiction, why should they worry?”

The op-ed added: “Allowing the coast guard to use force means that the US and Japan will assume greater security risks if they infringe upon China’s maritime sovereignty.

“What their media should worry about is not that China reasonably and legally safeguards its maritime rights and interests, but the dangerous provocations of their ships against China.

“China is going to allow the coast guard to use force only against the criminals who would violate our maritime sovereignty.”

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The fact that the strongly worded article is carried on the PLA’s official site indicates the seriousness with which China regards the issue.

Large Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) ships have been accused of multiple incursions into the waters of other countries in recent months.

In July, Beijing was accused of sending a CCG ship into disputed waters in the South China Sea, coming within 30 nautical miles of a Vietnamese oil rig.

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The “media” referred to in the Alpha Military Review article headlined Unleash the Privateers!, penned by Colonel Mark Cancian, US Marine Corps (Retired) and Brandon Schwartz, and published on the website of the US Naval Institute in April.

In it, they urge Congress to issue “letters of marque”, authorising civilian ships to engage in maritime warfare under a commission of war.

They added: “The notion of privateering makes naval strategists uncomfortable because it is an approach to war that does not conform to the way the US Navy has fought since 1815.

“There is no modern experience of their use, and there are legitimate concerns about legal foundations and international opinion.

“But strategists cannot argue for out-of-the-box thinking to face the rising challenge of China and then revert to conventional solutions because out-of-the-box thinking makes them uncomfortable.

“As the strategic situation is new, so must our thinking be new.

“In wartime, privateers could swarm the oceans and destroy the maritime industry on which China’s economy – and the stability of its regime – depend.

“The mere threat of such a campaign might strengthen deterrence and thereby prevent a war from happening at all.”

Speaking in July, Andrew Scobell, a senior political scientist for the US-based RAND Corporation and a professor at Marine Corps University, said: “Many Chinese Coast Guard vessels are a lot bigger than many of the ships in most Southeast Asian navies.

“They’re pretty damn intimidating, they do ram fishing boats, and they act like naval vessels.

“This is all about, from a Chinese perspective, promoting their interests in the South China Sea, strengthening their claims, using all instruments of national power, and at the same time avoiding escalation.”

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