Worlds worst mum slammed for writing cruel insult on toddlers food

A woman has been slammed for decorating her toddler's food with a vile message and has taken credit for being the "world's worst mum".

The TikTok user claimed the unusual title after uploading a video of her daughter staring blankly at a biscuit with the word 'd**k head' on it.

The anonymous parent captioned the video 'when your toddler won't nap' and seemed to hand her the insult topped meal as a method of payback.

Accompanied with cucumbers and tomatoes, the biscuits featured the swear word in bright, colourful letters, which her daughter was fortunately too young to read.

The video, uploaded to the account @fophii, has been viewed over three million times and attracted thousands of comments about the "joke", reports The Mirror.

One user said: "Why is it 'in' to be anything but nice to children? Like I don’t get it and I’m glad I don’t."

Then a second wrote: "This trend is a little mean, but this toddler seems a little mean too so whatever it just evens out."

And a third added: "Am I the only person that thinks this trend is a little cruel? Like I get the humour, but still."

"Would you send your kid to daycare or preschool with a lunch box note like that?" Asked a third. "Hmmm I think not because you know it’s wrong."

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But not everyone disagreed with the mum's actions and some thought that if it made her feel better then it was fine.

One wrote: "Look, if writing that on your toddler's food helps you stay calm enough to be a good mum in ways she does understand, do it!"

"I'm old school and flip my kid off when her back is turned," added a second user.

And a third added: "Do we love our kids? Yes. Do we like them? No."

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