Worlds only flood-proof floating city which could be completed by 2025

The world's first flood-proof floating city is set to open in South Korea with completion of the futuristic world predicted to be complete as early as 2025.

Developers of the city believe the development of the floating world will be a way for humanity to survive against rising sea levels prompted by climate change.

A first look at the project, which will be off the coast of the major city of Busan, revealed a futuristic feel that features a variety of plants and agriculture in the man made city.

According to Business Insider, the city is set to cost around $200 million (£149 million), subject to materials required, with the city made up of dozens of connected hexagonal platforms.

The UN-backed project is being created by Oceanix who described themselves as a blue tech company working to design and build floating cities.

Once completed, the city is expected to be able to sustainably support thousands of residents. It will reportedly be able to withstand hurricanes and other extreme wet weather conditions.

In a statement, the co-founders of Oceanix, Itai Madamombe and Marc Collins Chen, said: “Sea level rise is a formidable threat, but sustainable floating infrastructure can help solve this looming catastrophe.

"We are excited to make history with Busan and UN-Habitat in ushering in humanity’s next frontier.”

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The project is expected to be a breakthrough in solutions to combat the rising sea levels, which is expected to destroy billions worth of infrastructure of coastal cities.

Floating cities are expected to provide flood-proof infrastructure and produce its own food, energy and fresh water through closed-loop systems.

Residents of the floating city will live “primarily” on a “plant-based diet”.

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Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, said: “Sustainable floating cities are a part of the arsenal of climate adaptation strategies available to us. Instead of fighting with water, let us learn to live in harmony with it. We look forward to developing nature-based solutions through the floating city concept, and Busan is the ideal choice to deploy the prototype.”

The developers said a prototype would be approached at a "hyper-local level" as they take into account the rich social, economic, political and cultural uniqueness of Korea to host the first project.

The Mayor of Busan, Park Heong-joon, said: “With the complex changes facing coastal cities, we need a new vision where it is possible for people, nature and technology to co-exist.

"There is no better place than Busan to take the first step towards sustainable human settlements on the ocean, proudly built by Korea for the world.”

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