Worlds biggest cat as tall as a child gets behind the wheel just like humans

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    A cat has grown so big that left people do a double take whenever he's out and about — especially if he's in a car.

    Kefir the maine coon lives with his owner Yuliya Minina in Stary Oskol, Russia, and he is a viral sensation in the neighbourhood.

    And it didn't take too long before the online commnunity noticed the three-year-old feline because of his enormous size.

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    The giant moggie weighs at least 27lbs (1.9 stone) and stands as tall as a two-year-old child, which explains why he is nicknamed "world's biggest cat".

    In a video shared by Yuliya, Kefir has rocked a cool look with a pair of reflective sunglasses and a black hoodie.

    The goofy cat gets behind the wheel in a car and appears to be driving — with one paw on the steering wheel and the other on a gear stick.

    Yuliya takes a few snaps to show Kefir looking "in the road", at the camera and "having a laugh".

    The cat mum joked: "Bad boys, bad boys, coming for you!"

    When Yuliya celebrated Kefir's second birthday last year, she shared a photo with Kefir's fans and wrote: "Today we celebrate the birthday of this fluffy handsome.

    "And how nice it is that Kefir meets him with such a big company!

    "Thank you, friend, that you have been with us for 2 years, and we are with you. Don't be sick and be happy! Kiss every moustache of yours!

    "I love you very much! Know that you are cosmic! It's not for nothing that your great charm has scattered over hundreds of thousands of kilometers."

    Fans also wrote in the comments to congratulate, with many saying Kefir is a "beautiful cat".

    One referred to Kefir's driver look and penned: "Such a gorgeous taxi driver!"

    "Take me for a ride please," another teased and a third wrote: "This is me, taking the chief to the airport on a Maybach."


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