Wont be end of the war Ukraine to ignore ceasefire until Putin removed from power

Ukraine: Ceasefire 'won't be the end of the war' says expert

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Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke forecast Ukraine will not accept a ceasefire from Russia if they accomplish their objectives in the Donbas as Ukrainian troops “are fighting for their survival” as a nation and “won’t give up” until Vladimir Putin is no longer in power. With heavy fighting continuing in Sievierodonetsk, Mr Clarke explained the city is “symbolically important” to Russia as it would allow Russian troops to gain control over one of the last significant cities of the Donbas region if taken.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Clarke said: “[If Russia gets the Donbas], Russia might then offer a peace deal, a ceasefire.

“But it won’t be the end of the war.

“Because the Ukrainians won’t give up.

“They know that the Russians want to eliminate them as a country.

“They are fighting for their survival.

“So as long as President Putin is in power in Moscow, this war goes on.

“Even if there is a ceasefire resulting in the Russians holding on to all of the Donbas.

Referring to Sievierodonetsk city, now under continual heavy attacks from Russia, he also added: “The city is important to the Russians because they’ve put so much into it.

“They’ve devoted everything to take in the city.

“It is the last significant city in Luhansk, which is part of the Donbas, which they said they wanted to take.

“So Sievierodonetsk is the city that seems to matter to them.

“Strategically it is not that important, but symbolically it is important.

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“And it’s becoming another Mariupol because there are civilians trapped there and the city has been levelled by Russian artillery”.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces now control more than two-thirds of Sievierodonetsk city,

Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Haidai also confirmed the assessment and claimed: “Unfortunately, today, Russian troops control most of the city.

“Some Ukrainian troops have retreated to more advantageous, pre-prepared positions.

“The situation is very difficult. We are losing 60-100 soldiers per day as killed in action and something around 500 people as wounded in action”.

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