Womans horror after getting a mouthful of poo while swimming in sewagey sea

One woman who headed to the beach for a relaxing dip in the sea was left with a bad taste in her mouth.

Tracy Hudson and her partner went to Bexhill beach in East Sussex for the day to “cool off” with some friends on August 14.

The beach is five minutes from their home, so with their dogs in tow, the group decided to escape the August heat by taking a dip in the sea.

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But they quickly realised they were swimming in "sewage" after the NHS worker was hit with a "mouthful of poo".

Tracy, 43, opened up about the horrifying moment while speaking to The Argus.

She said: “We went down on the disabled ramp and waited for our friends to come, we saw some poo floating around and assumed a child had had an accident so we walked back a bit.

“I said ‘it does smell quite sewagey' and my partner said it was likely seaweed. It was really thick, slimy, smelly, disgusting mud, so we carried on to try to get past it.

“Eventually we went into the water, which was itself quite dark, and it sounded a bit gloopy.

“Anyway, so we splashed around for about ten minutes and I thought actually this doesn't even feel right […] I kind of stood up, I was up to maybe my waist, then I realised that actually all around us was poo. I was like ‘oh my god’.

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“The dogs started to get all excited and as we were trying to get out, the dog splashed me all over and it landed all in my mouth and up my nose.”

Tracy rushed home to shower and later that night she began to feel ill.

She began to experience fever and developed a respiratory infection after the incident.

Tracy went to see a doctor and was placed on antibiotics and steroids, and given an inhaler to help her breathe.

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On August 17, Bexhill beach and Normans Bay were closed due to "significant" electrical problems at the Galley Hill pumping station, which led to huge amounts of untreated sewage being pumped into the sea.

Tracy says she will be writing to Southern Water as she “wants an apology”.

A Southern Water spokesman said: "We’re sorry to hear about this lady’s illness and would be happy to talk to her if she would like to get in touch.

"We're not aware of any releases in the Bexhill area between the end of June and mid August.”


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