Woman saved by punching bear on the nose after beast pushed her to ground

A woman has fended off a terrifying bear attack by punching the grizzly beast on the nose after it pushed her to the ground.

The adult female black bear attacked the Washington, United States-based woman from behind as she let her dog outside for some fresh air in the early hours of Saturday morning (October 22).

The Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains is no stranger to bears, but a charged attack from a bear at 7am is not the best way to start the day.

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After being knocked to the ground from behind by the bear, the woman, who has not been identified, was rushed to hospital.

She thankfully received no forms of life-threatening injuries although a wildlife biologist said that the unnamed woman was unable to mark the usual territorial signs that scare off bear attacks.

Wildlife biologist Rich Beausoleil said: "She didn’t see it coming so she could not make herself big, clap her hands, you know, yell at the bear, wave her arms.

"Those are the things we usually tell people to do."

Beausoleil said that the lack of usual strategy to wade off the bear attack was replaced by the life-saving "instinct" of the woman, who punched the bear on the nose.

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He continued: "If the bear knocks you down, then yes, your solution is to fight. It was just instinct for her. She just turned around and popped it right in the nose."

Presumably the unnamed woman packed quite the punch as the bear reportedly "shook" following the hit and subsequently ran off.

Wildlife officials located and subsequently killed the bear on Saturday afternoon, citing it as being overweight as a reason for its death.

Fish and Wildlife official Captain Mike Jewell said: "Public safety is our priority. Our officers and staff were quick to mobilise to locate the animal and secure the scene. We are extremely thankful that the victim is receiving medical care from this unfortunate encounter."

Two cubs were spotted nearby and subsequently taken to a wildlife facility, New York Post reported.

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