Woman makes daring escape after shark seen stalking prey a few feet away in sea

Terrifying footage has captured the moment a woman made a daring escape from a shark stalking prey just a few feet away from beachgoers off the coast of Dubai.

The clip was captured as a few holidaymakers were taking a dip in the sea at Kite Beach in the Persian Gulf when the prowling predator began searching the waters for food.

In the tense clip, which has gained more than 7 million views on TikTok, the shark was seen swimming along the shoreline – which is popular with kite surfers – while a woman was seen swimming on her own.

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As the beast moved closer towards her, a lifeguard can be heard desperately trying to alert her before it got any closer.

When the helpless swimmer notices the imminent threat she slowly stepped to the side before paddling away, repeatedly checking back over her shoulder in the process.

The shark's fin edges closer to the shore but thankfully, the woman and another swimmer made it to safety.

TikTok users rushed to the comments to praise the woman for her safe escape and for managing to stay calm after spotting it.

One user said: “She did the perfect thing by not splashing around. She didn't make the shark chase her."

Another added: "The best thing you can do is not panic.”

A third commented: “I never get why people like to swim out so far off beach."

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A fourth quipped: “Bro why is everyone chill as f***.”

Tourists have since revisited the beach after the sighting and said that the predator was only present on that one occasion.

However, they are only allowed to swim in the sea until sunset because of potential shark threats as lifeguards are only present on site between 8am and sunset.


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