Woman has eye cut open after sealing it with glue she mistook for eyedrops

A mum had to be rushed to hospital after accidentally putting nail glue into her eye and sealing it shut.

Jennifer Eversole, who lives in Bay Area in California, US, was left in tears when she realised the mishap.

"Well, I've gone and done it. I have won the most idiot person award," she mocked while sitting in the treatment room.

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The mum-of-six held an ice pack on her left eye as explained how it happened.

She said: "My eyedrops sit directly next to superglue and they are same sized bottles.

"I wasn't paying attention, I got distracted by my daughter and now my eyes glued shut."

First-aid responders arrived at her home and took her to a hospital.

She removed her pack, showing the dry glue around her eyelid while she struggled to open her eye.

"I can't really open up this other eye because it makes this eye move and it's all scratchy and itchy," she cried and let out a hysterical laughter.

"What an idiot. Now I'm sitting here crying because I have no idea why, I just feel so stupid."

Jennifer even asked the nurse if they have treated people with similar incidents — but the conversation ended quickly as they shut her down, simply replying: "No."

Doctors gave her some numbing eyedrops and managed to "cut open" her eye.

It took the parent a few days to recover.

She recalled the incident and said she felt "intense burning" right after dripping in the liquid.

Now she regrets not checking the bottle label before using it.

"I was like 'why was the eye drop not coming out?' and I had to squeeze the bottle," she said.

"I could have saved myself if I looked at the label but here we are."

Viewers who followed her videos for updates were relieved when Jennifer said her vision has improved in the past few days.

Many sent their best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

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