Woman feels fizzing in shoe and screams when she finds leech sucking her blood

A woman's reaction when she discovered why her foot "fizzing" in her trainer has left viewers feeling nauseated and disturbed.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @zoenesquik she films herself understandably freaking out and screaming in terror at the horrifying discovery that a leech is sucking her blood.

Pulling up her jeans frantically Zoe, from Australia, looks at her sock and screams: "Oh my God there's a huge lump there – Aaah!"

Zoe then panics and screams again, before managing to blurt out: "I don't want to look!"

She then pulls up her sock and finds the chilling sight of fresh blood dribbling down her leg.

As she pulls the sock away more, a slimy leech is clearly sucking away at her blood, and at this point, she screeches in pure terror and lets go of the sock.

Zoe is then helped by a male friend who flicks the leech off her so it lands on the rug.

She then bravely picks up the leech – disgustingly swollen with blood – using a piece of tissue and the slimy critter flails around trying to find more flesh.

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The video was watched more than 15 million times and people felt very sorry for Zoe, with many insisting they would have screamed the house down or even fainted with fear.

One user commented: "This is so terrifying I'm so sorry you had to go through this for real."

"I don't think I would ever recover mentally," confessed a second viewer.

A third user wrote: "I would have passed out tbh [to be honest]."

"If y'all think this was a crazy reaction let's hope this never happens to me," wrote someone else.

Someone else said: "Bestie the fact you were able to pick it up afterwards? Stronger than me."

Zoe has also had trouble with a huntsman spider, as she showed in another video, which left many people commenting they would rather not live in Australia with its dangerous creepy crawlies.

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