Woman disgusted at hearing fast-food workers having sex via drive-thru speaker

A woman was left disgusted when she pulled up a drive-thru speaker to hear workers having sex in the restaurant.

The TikToker drove down to a Mexican restaurant at 4.30am for a bite, but she left without ordering after stumbling on what she believed was two employees bonking.

She filmed the audio in a bid to submit it as "evidence" when complaining to the restaurant management at Tucson, Arizona in the US.

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"I had a night out and really want to a bite to eat, you know, hadn't really eaten all day," she said in her car.

"I was rolling up and pulled up to the drive-thru and that's exactly what I had heard and after hearing this, you guys don't want to go into any Filiberto ever."

In the TikTok video, she was waiting the waitress to answer the machine but instead, she heard loud moaning and heavy breathing through the speaker.

The customer explained in the captions: "Unfortunately I started recording a little too late due to being in shock from what I had previously pulled up to listening to.

"And yes I caught the employees red-handed coming out this. I lost my appetite and ended up leaving after the female employee started talking sh*t to me, thinking I wanted her man."

While viewers agreed that they wouldn't want to order from the outlet, others made light of the raunchy workers.

One said: "I would have been like 'oh you almost finished'."

"You should say 'hi, can I have what you're having please? thank you'," a second mocked.

A third joked: "Please don't ask for sauce."

"Food was made by love," a fourth added.

Others rushed to the restaurant's Google page and left a review, with one hinting: "Came to order some carne asada fries late night and before I ordered, they started clapping for me.

"I just sat there and heard them clap for me! 5 out of 5."


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