Woman calls police after finding hidden camera in Airbnb hosts bathroom

A woman staying at an Airbnb was shocked to find a tiny camera installed in the bathroom – so she immediately called the police.

Brittany Walsh @brittany..walsh made a TikTok video about the grim discovery in the Texas property, explaining how she found the secret camera.

In the clip, an officer stands in the living room with a notepad and Brittany holds up the device so you can clearly see it.

The secret camera plugs straight into the wall and appears to have an SD card slot where footage would be stored.

Brittany said she went to the toilet as soon as she got into the Airbnb which meant one of the other guests staying with her wouldn't have had time to put up a camera since they arrived at the same time.

"It was there when I got there," she wrote in an update on March 2.

Brittany and her friend had showers before the camera was discovered by her friend's boyfriend.

Airbnb's policy states hosts can install security cameras in "common areas" as long as they fully disclose it to guests, but devices should never monitor bedrooms, bathrooms, or other sleeping areas.

Brittany, who doesn't believe the owner of the property planted the camera, said Airbnb refunded her and her friends for their entire stay.

She said: "I will definitely stay at Airbnb again I think it's just better bang for your buck, especially if you are staying with a group.

"And again, whoever planted that camera, if the police figure out who did it they will be charged and it's a felony in Texas for invasive visual recordings."

The video was watched more than 10million times and people were horrified by the idea of secret cameras.

One user said: "When I clean I always check for stuff like this. that's so effed up. I'm sorry you went through this."

"This is always my worst fear going to Airbnbs or even hotels," confessed a second user.

A third commented: "Working at Amazon I see people order these a lot it’s scary."

Brittany reminded people that it was "incredibly false" to believe it's ok to secretly film someone in a bathroom, which some people had claimed in the comments.

Someone else agreed: "It is terrifying that there were people in the comments who think recording in a bathroom is legal."

Daily Star has approached Airbnb for comment.

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