Woke Meghan Markle wouldve done Caribbean tour better than Kate, says expert

Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal tour to the Caribbean would have been a "roaring triumph" if Meghan Marke and Prince Harry had done it, claims a royal expert.

The Cambridge's trip hasn't exactly gone smoothly, with anti-monarchy protests over the Royal Family's colonial past, and Belize and Jamaica announcing their intentions to become republics.

There were also several gaffes, including poorly angled photographs will children behind fences and Kate appearing to be openly snubbed by Jamaican politician Lisa Hanna.

However, according to journalist and author Tony Parsons, this wouldn't have been the case had the Sussexes made the trip.

Writing in The Sun he said: "William and Kate did their very best. But the bitter truth is their Caribbean tour would have been a perfect gig for Harry and Meghan.

"Woke yet glam, caring yet charismatic, their eyes shining with compassionate tears, Harry and Meghan would have been living, multi-racial proof the Royal Family are not some milky white leftover from ancient history."

He went on to say that Hanna "would not have dared" treat Meghan in the way she did Kate.

This comes after another royal expert weighed in on the tour, saying that it signified "dangerous times" for the Royal Family.

Royal biographer Christoper Wilson claimed the monarchy faces an uphill battle to remain as head of state in Commonwealth countries following "several awkward moments".

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, the self-described royal panjandrum added that also going against the British monarchy is "today’s social media age, where minority toxic views often out-shout the feelings of the majority".

Christopher wrote: "Our Monarchy is a treasured but ultimately fragile jewel.

"The events of the past few days have shown that all too clearly. There are widespread concerns about the Queen ’s health, while William and Kate endured several awkward moments during their Caribbean tour."

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