W***ing Festival comes to UK town as vandals graffiti walking event banner

A town has been left in hysterics after passers-by were tricked into believing a "w**king festival" was set to take place thanks to some "clever" vandals.

The unknown pranksters graffitied a banner for the annual Walking Festival in Bradford-on-Avon and turned it into a rather different event.

The festival is set to commence on the first weekend of September, and despite already being popular, it has managed to gather a further fanbase following the change in status.

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Countless people usually take part in the event which sees participants take a stroll along the picturesque countryside.

Wiltshire Live posted an image of the defacement which has since gone viral on Facebook.

Locals have branded the cheeky vandals as "artistic geniuses" and said it is likely to have pushed advertisement for the event.

One person said: "Well that should jiz things up a bit as last year it was a total anti-climax!"

Another commented: "Haha, class. I don’t care that it’s immature and crude. It’s hilarious. I bet the people who did that have been giggling ever since."

A third wrote: "Best advertising they could have asked for. Everyone knows about the Walking festival now."

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Another commented: "I bet there will be a lot of people that weren't going, are now coming!"

However, not everyone saw the funny side, with some locals classing the vandalism as "immature".

One unimpressed user added: "Very immature. As for the people of BOA and the festival, I hope they pull it off without issue."

Another commented: "Well no one else thinks it's funny, they seem to have done it purely for their own pleasure."

Daily Star has contacted the festival for comment.

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