Will Donald Trump run for president in 2024? One call could ruin his campaign

Trump ‘looks like he’s on the campaign trail’ says expert

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Donald Trump may not have announced his campaign for the presidency, but he has certainly suggested it. Many of his supporters are convinced he will try to run for the White House in 2024. But one factor could scupper his presidency bid.

Mr Trump has often teased fans that he could be on the brink of launching another campaign to become US President.

Sources close to Mr Trump are certain he will run for president again.

Jason Miller, a former advisor to Mr Trump, told Cheddar the chances of him running again were “somewhere between 99 and 100 percent.”

He said: “I think he’s definitely running in 2024.”

While in a video leaked by political show the Undercurrent, Congressman Jim Jordan said: “He’s gonna run again, I know so.”

Mr Jordan said he had spoken to Mr Trump earlier that day who he claims was “about ready to announce” his campaign.

But Mr Trump has revealed one thing could deter him from running again.

He told the right-wing network Real America’s Voice on September 24 that “a bad call from a doctor or something” could end his plans to succeed Joe Biden.

Despite having many hardcore fans, Mr Trump’s support seems to have dwindled since his last election bid.

His presidency run in 2020 has been widely condemned over his false claims of electoral fraud.

He wrongly claimed the election was rigged and electoral fraud was behind Joe Biden’s victory.

This has seriously marred his credibility and it might have ruined any chances of success in future elections.

Other top Republican politicians could prove to be another obstacle in any future campaign launched by Mr Trump.

He would face tough competition from popular Republican candidates such as Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.

But Mr Trump could have the funds to support an impressive campaign.

According to Dessert News, Mr Trump has “raised tons of money” which could be used to fund another presidency bid.

According to Federal Election Commission records Mr Trump’s political committees have raised about $102 million as of June 30.

His three political committees Save America PAC, Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Make America Great Again PAC have all contributed to this staggering total.

The Republican presidential primaries are still a year away.

This gives Mr Trump plenty of time to prepare for any future campaign.

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