White-brief Robin Hood ‘Mr. Underpants’ robs 9 mobile phone shops for the poor

A man has been dubbed "Mr. Underpants" after he robbed nine stores in his white briefs and handed out mobile phones to the homeless.

Jeh-isma-ae Hama, 23, has been arrested over his "Robin Hood" style stealing spree across Thailand.

The burglar would sneak into different branches of Banana IT stores at night and commit the act in just his underwear.

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It has been reported that he stole around 128 items, mainly being mobile phones, which altogether were worth around 1.9 million baht (£43,997.54).

He broke into a shop on Sunday (June 3) and was arrested the following day after being located in a rented room in Bang Kapi district, Bangkok.

Hama confessed to cops that he only stole from Banana IT shops because he liked bananas, reports Bangkok Post.

He said that he broke into stores while partially nude because it boosted his confidence.

Hama plead guilty to his crimes and said: “I only steal from Banana stores because I like bananas and I like the colour yellow.

"I like to take my clothes off and I like to only wear underpants. It gives me a feeling of confidence and I feel like myself.

"In 2021, media in Yala province called me a psychotic thief. I didn’t like that, so I stole a camera too.”

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The suspect is believed to have begun his burglary spree on January 27, 2021, and then again on January 9 this year.

As part of his crimes, he used to disconnect security camera systems. However, he was still caught on CCTV.

Hama handed out phones and money to people on the streets and would usually go to a train station to gift them.

He also sold some of the phones and used to be homeless himself.

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