What is happening in Bucha? Russian soldiers accused of genocide outside Kyiv

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Bucha, located northwest of Kyiv, has been subjected to horrifying murders and crimes against civilians which are only becoming apparent now that Russian forces have withdrawn from the city. Russian troops have pulled out of areas around the Ukrainian capital, with Ukrainian soldiers taking back control of more than 30 towns and villages in the area following more than five weeks of conflict.

Russia has denied throughout the war so far that it has been targeting civilians, a statement that has been widely disregarded by western powers.

The EU has confirmed it is assisting Ukraine in gathering evidence of the crimes committed in the town for international courts.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “We are seeing increasing evidence of appalling acts by the invading forces in towns such as Irpin and Bucha”.

“Their indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilians during Russia’s illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine must be investigated as war crimes.

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“We will not allow Russia to cover up their involvement in these atrocities through cynical disinformation and will ensure that the reality of Russia’s actions are brought to light.”

Asked directly whether Russia’s actions constituted genocide, President Zelensky agreed what was happening was calculated genocide.

He said via a translator: “Indeed, this is genocide.

“The elimination of the whole nation and the people. We are the citizens of Ukraine. We have more than 100 nationalities.

“This is about the destruction and extermination of all these nationalities.

“We are the citizens of Ukraine and we don’t want to be subdued to the policy of Russian Federation.

“This is the reason we are being destroyed and exterminated, and this is happening in the Europe of the 21st Century.”

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What is happening in Bucha?

It is now widely believed that Russian soldiers have killed civilians without provocation.

Verified videos and images have shown the streets of Bucha littered with the bodies of civilians.

Reuters has also reported that an open mass grave has been found in a churchyard, with hands and feet poking through the red clay piled on top.

 According to journalists on the ground, one civilian had his hands tied behind his back and was left on the ground with his Ukrainian passport open next to him.

Images also show the bodies of civilians who had been riding their bikes lying dead on the curb of the road.

The town mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk estimated more than 300 civilians have been killed.

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