Weather school with Anthony Farnell

With school postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Global News Chief Meterologist Anthony Farnell is unable to make his regular trips to the classroom to teach kids about weather.

But instead of putting the lessons on pause, Farnell has turned to YouTube, creating “Weather School with Anthony Farnell.”

Each weekly episode will showcase weather experiments that are fun for both parents and kids to do at home, using only basic household supplies.

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Some of the episode topics and experiments include, convection and how thunderstorms form, creating clouds and making it rain and working with static and how it causes lightning.

Other experiments will focus on building a rain gage and wind vane to allow you to measure both wind speed and direction.

“My fascination with weather began when I was in elementary school and fun experiments and weather observation journals played a big part in fueling my interest in science and passion for meteorology as I grew older,” said Farnell.

“I’m hopeful that these experiments will entertain kids but also help them open their imagination to science.”

And don’t you worry, Storm the Weather Dog will be right there alongside Farnell while you and your family can conduct these easy and cool experiments at home.

Make sure to check back every Friday, when a new lesson is posted.

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