Weather maps show snow to batter UK in week-long Arctic dumping at start of May

The latest weather modelling maps show that Brits are in for a week-long dumping of snow at the start of next month.

Temperatures have been slowly decreasing following a balmy Easter bank holiday weekend when the mercury hit 23C in places.

The Met Office have said that conditions will be "turning cold for many" towards the end of this month and now it seems they will be turning Arctic at the start of May.

Maps from WX Charts predict that snow will make landfall in northern Scotland on the evening of Monday (May 2).

Although that isn't anything to write home about, throughout the following day the snow front appears to build up momentum out at sea.

On Wednesday (May 4) heavy snow is expected to strike across Northern Ireland, most of Scotland and some parts of northern England including Newcastle.

Thursday (May 5) will see further snowfall in Scotland and the North West of England, before Wales, the Midlands and the North East get their fair share on Friday (May 6).

As the potential snow bomb is still a week-and-a-half away WX Charts haven't yet estimated the depth of snow on the ground.

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However, given that darker shades of purple indicate heavier snowfall, they suggest that flurries will be most intense in Northern Ireland on the Wednesday and around Edinburgh on the Friday.

As for today (April 21), the Met Office predict a rather mild picture.

In their latest video forecast meteorologist Clare Nasir said: "The cloud will come and go further west, most places though will remain dry.

"And in shelters towards the West temperatures will again reach the mid, perhaps even the high, teens."

Cardiff and London are expected to be the warmest areas this afternoon with highs of 18C forecast there.

The rest of England should settle at around 16C, with things one or two notches cooler on the East Coast, while Scotland and Northern Ireland will hover at around 14C to 15C.

Northern Scotland should be the coolest region with highs of 12C forecast near Aberdeen.

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