Weather forecasters pinpoint exact days heatwave will bring UK close to 30C

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  • Britain is set to be hit by a heatwave next week, according to weather forecasters.

    For most of 2023, Brits have been battling a mix of extreme rain, wind, snow, and more.

    But the torture is set to end, as the summer heat is coming earlier than expected, with experts detailing exactly when the heatwave will hit.

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    Exacta Weather's James Madden has claimed that from Thursday (May 25), Brits might want to start getting the BBQ out and slap on the sun cream

    And yes, it will be sunbathing weather across pretty much the entire country.

    He said: “From later next week (Thurs/Fri) and into next weekend is now looking extremely favourable for a major area of high pressure and some even warmer conditions to become lodged across the country for several days, and this is also starting to show up clearly and consistently within numerous main third-party computer models.

    “At the very least we should be seeing max temperatures in the mid to high 20s developing, and we may not be too far away from the 30c mark as temperatures rise significantly across most and if not all parts of the country, and in perfect timing for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend.

    “This will also pave the way for a warm to hot first half of June, and some further bursts of heat should see that 30c mark being breached as the heat turns up a notch or two and the early summer sunshine begins to tell in terms of overall strength.”

    The weather system will last around three weeks, he added, with a number of “hot spikes” taking place during that time.

    And looking further ahead, it could last until around mid-June, with heatwaves and hot surges taking place on a regular basis over that period.

    Long term weather models from the experts at Accuweather, BBC and Met Office all show warm conditions coming, too.

    “It is safe to say that we will now be looking at least a three-week period of summer-like weather with a number of hot spikes to contend with within this period too,” Madden went on.

    “This also adds weight to the several week ahead summer 2023 forecast that opted for a warm to hot start to the meteorological summer for in and around 1st June onwards, give or take a few days standard deviation, and in addition to a number of potential hot surges/heatwaves within this same period and up to around mid-June.”

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