Wannabe dog thief floored by pensioner who punched and kicked him to protect pet

A thief was left battered and bruised after a 70-year-old woman tackled him in a bid to protect her beloved dog.

The pensioner took him by surprise when she floored him in broad daylight after he tried to steal her dog in Exeter, Devon on November 28.

She said the criminal began his dognapping attempt by asking her questions including the breed of her dog and how old it was at around 3.30 pm.

His curiosity then escalated as he tried to snatch the pooch, but miserably failed after she launched an attack at him using both her fists and feet.

Devon and Cornwall Police said that the woman was able to fight off the thief by "kicking and punching him" with little concern at all for her own safety.

The man eventually fled the scene after she put up stubborn resistance, focusing on making sure that he couldn't take her dog.

Though slightly shaken, the woman was able to give a description of the suspect.

She said he was a white male in his mid 30's, with a slight build, mousy hair and was possibly wearing jeans.

Police have asked members of the public to contact them with the reference number CR/103904/21, if they witnessed this dog theft take place.

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Similarly, a man who sparred with heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua revealed in September, how his pet Rico was stolen but was returned days later in 2019.

Hosea Stewart, 24, said they snatched his Staffordshire bull terrier cross French mastiff from a supermarket car park after he left his window "down an inch or two".

But his pet was unconventionally returned after the thieves realised that he was a promising amateur fighter.

"The thieves must have realised they had come across the wrong guy," he said.

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