Wales to ban travel from people in English Covid-19 hotspots this Friday

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Wales will ban people from English coronavirus hotspots from crossing the border.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced that from this Friday, residents of areas with lots of cases will not be allowed into Wales.

He'd previously warned Boris Johnson he would close the border himself if the Government didn't create their own travel restrictions between the two countries.

Mr Drakeford said he's written to the Prime Minister twice this week demanding travel bans.

The UK Government is currently taking a "voluntary guidance approach" in which people are advised not to travel in and out of Covid-19 hotspots, but this is not being enforced.

In his letter to Mr Johnson yesterday, Mr Drakeford said it's not good enough and "firmer action is required."

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He tweeted on Wednesday: "There has been no formal response from @BorisJohnson to my requests to restrict travel into Wales from coronavirus hotspots.

"I am preparing new regulations to protect the health of people in Wales that will come into force on Friday."

He said the point of any kind of travel ban is to "ban people from high prevalence areas entering areas with low prevalence, wherever they may be in the UK."

However the areas of greatest concern in Britain happen to all be located in England.

This morning he told Sky News: "I simply want the Prime Minister to [ban people in high-risk areas from leaving] for England, so that people in Liverpool, where the virus is in far, far higher circulation than the rest of Wales, can't travel to holiday destinations in Wales, or to low-circulation areas in England.

"It is a simple, straightforward, practical action that prevents the flow of virus out of areas where there is a great deal of it, into areas where there is very little of it.

"I'm baffled why the Prime Minister continues to resist this idea."

This week the Government announced a new three-tiered approach to social distancing measures in England.

Different regions have been divided into Tier 1, 2 and 3 depending on their local infection rates.

So far Liverpool City Centre is the only area to have been placed in the most severe Tier 3.

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