Wagner soldiers desperately beg Putin for help

Russian Wagner soldiers appear to attack their commander

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Vladimir Putin appears to be starving the Wagner Group fighters of ammunition and military support amid an escalating crisis inside the Kremlin. The Wagner Group, which consists largely of recruited Russian convicts, had been leading Russia’s offensive inside Ukraine for months. A series of videos from desperate Wagner Group fighters have been shared on Russian social media this week, showing them pleading with Moscow for help.

One video showed four figures claiming to be part of an artillery unit from Wagner complaining about being “completely cut off from the ammunition supply”.

The leader of the group tells the camera: “Every day we carry out difficult combat tasks, covering assault groups.

“At the moment, we are completely cut off from the ammunition supply.

“We appeal to our colleagues and friends from the Ministry of Defense. We are confident there is this ammunition somewhere in the stockpiles, and we need them acutely.

“We will do the work for you – just help us with ammunition.”

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In the clip, he lists a number of supplies they need, including ammunition for howitzers as well as explosives for the MT12 anti-tank gun.

Another chilling video from the frontline showed Wagner Group medics begging for help as they stand next to a pile of hundreds of bodies of dead fighters.

The medics claimed the dead mercenaries could have been alive if help had been given.

The masked medical officer says: “Every day we lose hundreds of our comrades.

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“There could have been half as many of them if the military functionaries had supplied us with weapons, ammunition, and everything that was needed on time.

“Stop messing around, let us fight, let us defend our country, our homeland. There are hundreds of our guys here.”

This follows recent moves from President Putin to sideline the mercenary fighters and its boss Yevgeny Prigozhin who had become a powerful rival to the Russian leader.


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Instead, President Putin has leaned more heavily on conventional military forces.

Earlier this week, Mr Prigozhin said that his fighters would have made even greater progress If the “monstrous military bureaucracy” of the Russian defence ministry had not stopped them.

It is thought that the defense ministry had ordered him to stop recruiting fighters from prisons while there are reports in Russia that the state media has been told to avoid promoting Mr Prigozhin.

The Wagner Group leader admitted that his mercenary group is facing difficulties in Ukraine and will soon decrease in size.

However, while Moscow appears to have sabotaged Wagner, Russia has continued to fail in its renewed offensive in Ukraine.

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