Volcanic eruption killed my dad and sister – I survived but was burnt all over

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A survivor of the tragic White Island volcano eruption, which took the lives of her father and sister, has shared an emotional tribute to her "hero" mother.

Brave Stephanie Browitt miraculously managed to survive the tragedy but suffered third-degree burns to 70 per cent of her body after the volcano erupted back in December 2019.

The New Zealand eruption claimed the lives of 21 of the 47 people on the island at the time, including Stephanie's 21-year-old sister Krystal and father Paul.

The family, from Australia, visited the privately-owned island on December 9 as part of a trip onboard the Ovation of the Seas ship.

Marie, her mother, could only watch helplessly from the ship as the nightmare volcano erupted.

Now Stephanie has taken to TikTok to share her love and appreciation for her mother, MailOnline reports.

The video features a series of photographs of Stephanie and her mother and her time recovering in hospital.

In an emotional caption, Stephanie writes: "She stayed by my side every single day, she cried when I cried and helped me through the pain. I love you mum."

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The video shows pictures of Stephanie smiling next to her mother and shows a clip of the pair embracing.

Stephanie writes: "But mostly to the person who was by my side for all of it.

"Some people are lucky enough to have a best friend, I am even luckier, I have my mum."

Two years on from the horrific ordeal Stephanie has shared an update on her recovery.

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In a different video, the brave girl shared how her once heavily damaged right ear has almost healed fully.

The scars covering her legs and hands have also began to fade and are much smoother.

Stephanie previously had to explain why everyone affected "couldn’t jump in the water if it’s an island" after receiving the rude question from curious viewers.

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She said: "Well as you can see, that’s us, circled, on the island that day, at 2.10pm. And the walls are extremely high up, and we are only surrounded by rock. We’re nowhere near the jetty, and nowhere near the ocean.

"We are as inland as you can get and under 140 metres from the crater.”

Stephanie pointed out the exact position they were in at the time of the eruption, News.com.au reports.

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“So my family and I were at the back of that line, and it was only about a two minute walk, we had only just started walking back to the jetty," she continued.

"This is the same camera only 40 seconds to a minute apart, and as you can see the island was already engulfed in ash and dust.

“So we were never, ever, ever going to make it to water. There was literally no chance for the group of 21 people I was with.”

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