Vladimir Putins two crucial mistakes ahead of Ukraine invasion exposed He miscalculated

Russia: Expert discusses likelihood of nuclear attack

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Vladimir Putin has significantly “miscalculated” his invasion of Ukraine after thousands of residents fought back against Russia soldiers. Rebekah Koffler, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America, revealed that the Russian president did not understand the backlash of western countries and the Ukrainians’ bravery.

Ms Koffler told Fox News: “Putin miscalculated the Ukrainians’ willingness to fight, the leadership style and willingness to die for the cause of President Zelensky.

“He also miscalculated the backlash of Western audiences, Europeans, Americans and even a segment of the Russian population who are anti-war.”

She added: “Putin didn’t anticipate how technology has brought this conflict into the homes of ordinary people all over the world, by virtue of it unfolding on our TVs and on our computer screens.

“He was counting on the fact that he could keep it hidden, not only from the Russian people, but also from the rest of the world. Well, it’s no longer the case.”

While Timothy Frye, the professor of post-Soviet foreign policy at Columbia University explained how the sanctions are hurting Russia’s economy.

He said: “The sanctions could make it very difficult to govern Russia, in the sense that people’s savings have been wiped out, factories will start to close, and there are fewer high-tech imports that are needed for the Russian economy. And obviously, the financial elite has taken a real beating.”

Mr Fyre added: “At some point, Putin, who has long been averse to any kind of domestic political instability, might fear the reaction from the elite and from the mass public, and begin to look for a way out of this situation, but we’re not there yet.

“It could take a while before we get there.”

Ukraine: Russian armoured vehicle destroyed in drone attack

It comes as Britain has warned Vladimir Putin of a “dramatic increased response” from the West if he uses chemical weapons in Ukraine, amid warnings over a possible attack on Chernobyl.

Ukrainian defence intelligence alleged on Friday that the Russian president is “preparing a terrorist attack” on the facility seized by Moscow’s troops.

The invading forces would create a “technological catastrophe” before trying to shift the responsibility on to Kyiv, according to the assessment posted online.

The warning came as Britain and the US were raising the alarm over suspicions the Kremlin could use chemical weapons in Ukraine.


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed fears Russia is spreading a “fake story” that the US or the Ukrainians have chemical weapons in Ukraine as a pretext for an atrocity.

Technology minister Chris Philp echoed the warnings on Friday, saying Russia appears to be fabricating a “false narrative” online in preparation for such a “barbaric” attack.

“Clearly the use of chemical weapons, especially in an invasion where there are a very large number of civilians, would be an outrage against humanity,” he told Times Radio.

“So I would say to anybody in Russia thinking about this: do not cross that line, do not inflict any more misery and suffering on the Ukrainian people.

“It will trigger an increased response from the West, there’s a dramatic increased response, there’s no question about that.”

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