Video of penis sent to girl, 16, from Snapchat account of TikTok star J2Hundred

A video clip of a penis has allegedly been sent to a teenage girl from a Snapchat account belonging to TikTok star J2Hundred, it has been claimed.

The 19-year-old TikTok star – who has amassed more 1.3million followers – has denied sending the explicit image.

J2Hundred made headlines this week after he filmed himself sneaking into Wembley stadium for the Euros final, the first time England appeared in a final since 1966.

It has since been revealed by The Sun that, according to that publication, at least one sexual message had been sent to the teenage girl from his Snapchat account.

J2Hundred frequently posts videos on his popular TikTok account, most of his content is performing pranks or miming to music.

The girl told The Sun on Sunday: “I was friends with a J2Hundred on Snapchat for a while. The person asked me for my age and a photo. I told him I was 16.

“I knew J2Hundred was famous. I told my friends. He showed me photos of his face on Snapchat.

“The account said show me your p****. I was sent a video of someone playing with himself and an image.

“It came from J2Hundred’s Snapchat account. I was horrified. It’s shocking. I removed it straight away.”

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Her mum said: “It’s very disturbing. Parents need to be aware of these type of things. I’m glad my daughter blocked the account straight away.”

J2Hundred denied sending the image and said: “Things on the internet are very easy to manipulate.

"In the position I am in I wouldn’t risk doing that over social media.”

The TikTok star also has 80,000 followers on Instagram and 26,000 subscribers on Youtube.

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The video of him sneaking into Wembley stadium for the Euro 2020 final was filmed last Sunday after he and a friend discovered a gap in an emergency exit door.

He told his fans that he originally intended to just film himself going to watch the match in the capital city but said: “Little did I know that I was going to sneak into Wembley Stadium.”

The teen added: “It was a sign from God. We were meant to be in that stadium, there was just a gap in the door. We’ve done an absolute madness.”

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