Vicar sets himself on fire in online sermon blunder during coronavirus lockdown

A vicar recording a Sunday service for his self-isolating parishioners accidentally set himself on fire while making the video.

Reverend Stephen Beach, from St Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth, was preparing an e-sermon for worshippers stuck at home due to coronavirus and decided to light some candles and fit them in the frame too.

Unfortunately, he set himself ablaze while in the middle of telling his viewers to seek answers from God.

In the clip, he leans against a table with an open Bible in his arms and the candles flickering directly behind him.

He says: “It’s a great thing to pause in the presence of God and ask the question, ‘Lord God what are you saying to me?’

“And then, of course, to wait for an answer, I’ve just been pausing between these…”

The vicar then looks behind himself and notices the flames billowing up the back of his jumper.

“Oh dear, I’ve just caught fire!” he says.

The vicar quickly slaps out the flames with his bare hands and then laughs about the accident.

“Oh my word,” he says mildly.

Joking about the incident on social media, his niece Laura Evans wrote: “My uncle is the vicar of St Budeaux Parish. Last night he gave his online sermon and things got a bit hot under the (dog) collar.”

She added: “A hole in his favourite sermon jumper but unharmed otherwise.”

Responding to the funny video on Twitter, a bemused viewer said: “Of the multiple captions that immediately spring to mind as a caption for this image 'Oh dear, I’ve just caught fire' was not one.

“Bless his cotton socks (and his flaming robe) he seems a remarkably restrained and gentle soul.”

A second Twitter user wrote: “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

The Church of England has recently announced that, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, it will limit weddings to just five people, including the bride and groom and their witnesses.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock the government was open to introducing curfews and a total lockdown if their social distancing advice is not heeded.

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