Veteran faces Queen funeral by taking emotional swig from giant hip flask

A veteran has been snapped bracing himself for the Queen’s funeral by taking a huge swig from a massive hip flask.

On a day of national morning emotions are running high, and for one former serviceman, it seems that the way to approach the day was to hydrate from a comically large flask.

With medals and badges decorating his chest, a series of pins and a poppy of remembrance, he takes a swig while staring off into the middle distance.

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The veteran’s emotion and reaction to the difficult day speak in some ways for the nation.

His image was taken in London on the day of the Queen's funeral, he seems to capture the feeling of sadness and loss being felt by so many.

On his head, he wears a maroon beret, which is often the mark of airborne troops in the British military.

In all the grief, the man’s huge hip flask is a little bit of welcome comic relief.

While his face expresses nothing but sadness, the enormous flask is a charming bit of tongue in cheek Britishness.

While it is not known what is in the massive flask, his ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude will likely connect with so many trying to come to terms with the massive events of today.

Her Majesty the Queen passed after 70 years on the throne.

For most people in the UK, she has been the monarch for their whole lives.

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The feeling of upheaval and uncertainty has played its part in the national outpouring of loss and sorrow, which saw thousands of people line the streets of central London to pay their respects to the Queen’s Lying-In-State.

Today (September 19), marks the end of the official period of national mourning with the beloved monarch finally set to be laid to rest this afternoon.

Following her state funeral in Westminster, the Queen will be driven to Windsor, where she will have a private burial in a closed event surrounded by family.

She will be buried with her beloved husband Prince Philip, who passed away last year and has been waiting for her to join him ever since.


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