Vegas preparing for Brit invasion as thousands plan to travel and tie the knot

Las Vegas is preparing for a British invasion with thousands planning to tie the knot in the biggest party town on the planet.

Industry experts expect a boom of Britons heading to Sin City to wed as pre-bookings are going through the roof.

Optimistic couples are lining up nuptials for late summer, believing they will be allowed to fly into the US after UK lockdowns lift.

County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya confirmed that reservations by Brits are flooding in throughout the various wedding venues around Las Vegas.

She told the Daily Star Sunday: “Britain and the UK is always one of our favourite guests. They come here and get married in numbers that exceed even the local states.

“We love our British guests and we are looking forward to them coming back. We have already seen an uptick in reservations.

“A lot of the chapels are telling me that they are already getting booked for September and October, so it is going to be a busy wedding season once we can have our international guests back.”

Lynn added: “After the confinement of the last year, being able to go somewhere really makes it special. People are booking, planes are ready. It is a legacy industry, which is important to the local economy and businesses are committed to making weddings safe, happy and special.”

She spoke as the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce celebrated five years of uniting the wedding industry.

Jason Whaley, its president, insisted UK couples would be filling planes this year. He added: “The phone calls are coming in, everyone is excited because this year is going to be busy.”

Plenty of British celebrities have picked Vegas for nuptials. Last September, singer Lily Allen tied the knot there with David Harbour.

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