US Neo-Nazi terror group founder who plotted assassinations is hiding in Russia

The American founder of an international neo-Nazi terror group who is currently living in Russia is under investigation from the FBI.

Rinaldo Nazzaro, 49, is a former Pentagon contractor and Department of Homeland Security analyst and in 2018, he founded The Base, a heavily armed, neo-Nazi terror group aiming to incite a race war.

Since their formation, members of the group have plotted an assassination and several mass shootings, while several countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom have designated it as an official terrorist organization alongside the likes of ISIS and al Qaeda.

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Over a dozen members of The Base have been captured in the last few years thanks to an FBI counterterrorism probe against the group with the members apprehended currently serving a combined 100 plus years in prison.

However, Nazzaro has never been charged, despite being named in US courts as the founder of the group.

Since at least 2018, Vladimir Putin and Russia has provided safe harbour to Nazzaro and as no extradition treaty exists between the two nations, American authorities would seemingly only be able to take action against the individual should he step back in the country.

The FBI field office in Detroit, successfully took down The Base cell in Michigan and said that Nazzaro was the subject of an open bureau investigation.

Christopher Tarrant, a supervisory special agent on domestic terrorism said: “As far as he's concerned, that's being looked at by another field office. I cannot speak on what they're doing specifically when it comes to that.”

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As Nazzaro had an address in Manhattan, it could be suggested that it was the New York field office that has successfully handled international terrorism investigations.

The FBI National Press Office said it did “not have a comment", while in 2021, a State Department source told VICE News that Nazzaro was a Department of Justice "matter".

While reports differ on whether Russian authorities are providing Nazzaro with protection, the 49-year-old made an appearance on the Kremlin-controlled news channel Rossiya-24, known as the propaganda arm of Putin in 2020 as he denounced any connections to terrorism.


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