US coronavirus: LA to reopen golf courses despite new coronavirus deaths

The move applies to private and public golf sites with certain restrictions. It comes as the region reported 209 new coronavirus cases as well as 10 deaths.

The county’s official figures reflect 2,847 coronavirus infections and 85 deaths.

Other measures introduced by the county’s officials allow members of the public to use parks and trails only under the condition that they must maintain the recommended social distances while also wearing face coverings.

Outdoor exercise including hiking, biking and equestrian activities is still permitted in the county, as well as tennis and golf.

“Play is being cautiously reopened for observation,” Dr Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County public health officer, said.

Golfers will not be allowed to use caddies and courses can only allow groups with four or fewer people to play.

Players and staff members will be required to wear face coverings and keep six feet distance from one another at all times.

However, dining on-site is still banned as well as large gatherings.

Fundraiser events which are normal celebrated at the venues will be held off until June 20.

The easing of certain outdoor preventive measures comes as the county reported 236 Covid-19 cases hospitalised as of Monday.

Some 76 of the hospitalised patients were in intensive care units – an increase from Sunday.

Health officials reported 58 recoveries, bringing the total to 700.

Though the rate of infection has “plummeted precipitously” compared to previous data, Riverside County Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said last week that it was too early to tell when the easing of social distancing restrictions could begin.

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On Friday, Mr Kaiser said: “The majority of the population is doing what we asked,

“People are taking appropriate precautions and following the orders that were issued.

“But we could still go back in the wrong direction. We need to know where our weak points are.”

Mr Kaiser added that he was concerned about the low number of young Covid-19 patients, as an unknown number of children could be dormant carriers of the virus.

The possibility of children being asymptomatic carriers of the disease could bring on a new wave of infections.

Mr Kaiser said: “We don’t know how many are out there. We will need time to find out and right-size our response.”

Two weeks ago, the county suggested that statistical modeling showed the possibility of 65,000 infections and 1,000 deaths by the first week of May.

However, last week health officials backtracked indicating that the county was expecting fewer than 13,000 cases and 200 deaths.

About 32,779 people have been tested for COVID-19 countywide at four sites — Indio, Lake Elsinore, Perris and Riverside. A new site will open Wednesday in Blythe.

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