US cop personally taking Fake Madeleine McCanns phone to Poland after probe

A top United States police officer is allegedly taking fake Madeleine McCann's phone to Poland personally in a probe into the woman who claimed to be the missing Brit girl.

The phone of Julia Wendell, 21, is said to have been taken by officers representing Orange County Sheriff's Department shortly after she returned to Poland.

Julia, who claimed she was missing person Madeleine McCann, has since started up a new social media presence and is declaring there is no "open, active investigation" into her.

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Despite this, a top US cop has claimed to be personally responsible for taking the 21-year-old's telephone to Poland after Californian investigators are finished probing the device.

Julia took to her Instagram account and wrote: "I would like you to know that there is no open, active investigation about me in Poland.

"I will not allow people to make false accusations about me and I also will not accept people spreading lies so you should know that I will never give up and I will find out the truth."

But according to her former confidant and private detective Dr Fia Johansson, police are in possession of the device and those same officers have confirmed an investigation is underway.

Dr Johansson said: "The authorities in Poland and in Germany are also involved in the investigation. I’m told an investigator from the Sheriff’s Department is personally taking the device to Poland to make sure it doesn’t get lost or misplaced."

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An official statement from Sgt. Mike Woodroof was given to RadarOnline, confirming the investigation and how there will be a "deep look" into the case.

Sgt. Woodroof, who did not give any further details on the closely guarded case, said: "Our investigation is taking a deep look into it and we’re going to let them do their investigative duties and then from that point let the judicial system take over – if it needs to."

The Daily Star previously reported the 21-year-old's phone had been seized by police after Julia's 23andMe genetics test proved she was 100% Polish.

It means that Julia was not in fact Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal back in 2007.

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